Friday, May 3, 2024

Air Conditioner System not Functioning Well, How Find the Reason ?


An Air Conditioner is the most expensive and important part or component inside the home or office, The reason to install an air conditioner inside the premises is have cold atmosphere in summary season when you feel uncomfortable. 

No matter its cold season or hot season, many people still using air conditioning in Dubai, but sometimes you may find some rooms inside the house or office that seems hot no cold feeling,

An air conditioner is a component that use to have cold atmosphere around the home or office, If the Air Conditioner is not cooling it means that purpose for which the Aircon installed is not accomplished. What will be the solution if the aircon is not working? Below some steps to be taken.

Method of Finding Problem

1. First of all, check whether the normal operation of air conditioning, including indoor and outdoor units are working, especially to examine the outdoor unit compressor. 3 simple steps are:

  1. To check function on temperature setting button of the remote control,
  2. To feel the cooling after setting the temperature control to the lowest
  3. To visual inspection if the fan motor is moving or not.

Please repeat the checkup of all the fan coil units and the outdoor units. If one of them does not work, then you have to contact the Air Conditioner professionals repair team.

2. If the air conditioning starts normally, but it is not blowing air. Please check the air conditioning filters. It is likely that filters got cloaked with too much dust. It is best to use the specialized filter cleaning agent to spray in order to clean. Most of them can be removed to clean, so it would be best to clean them outside. If dirt piled up in aircon evaporator, vacuum cleaning might do the job. If it persists, you may consider air conditioner deep cleaning.

3. And then check the refrigerant if it is enough, that is the so-called Freon. refrigerant top up if necessary. Please check the whole system if there is a leakage by reading the pressure drop on the gauge. If there is leakage, patch it up and top up the Freon again. 2 commonly used Freon gas are R22 and 410A.

4. If you do not have the above problems, air conditioning can conduct normal operation, then check the air conditioning fan operation. If the fan of the air flow is very small, then the fan motor may be old, it is time to replace the fan motor.

5. Some Air Conditioner systems are using air-con ducting. If the air-conditioning ducts installed is relatively long, it may lead to the indoor heat transfer to the outdoor relatively poor. Resulting in not cooling on very obvious situation, it is best to find a better location to re-install, strive to shorten the ventilation pipe.

6. If the air-conditioning is running normally and everything else is also intact, but the room does not feel air-conditioned, only conspire air conditioning BTU is likely to be too small, room area is too large. The best is to recalculate the BTU and increase it to a larger BTU air-conditioning.

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Thursday, April 25, 2024

What To Do If Your Home Flooded by The Water ?


It’s never a good thing to find water in places where it should not be, especially inside your house. If this is the case, you will be exposing yourself and your loved ones to various dangers that this problem brings. Rather than solve this problem without knowing anything, it’s best to arm yourself with the proper knowledge.

Here are some tips that can help, help you before indoor flooding occurs or while it is currently happening.

1.     Call A Professional Plumber

It’s always better to be proactive instead of being reactive when a problem arises. The same thought applies to indoor flooding before it even occurs. In this case, the best course of action is to seek the help of a professional plumber.

2. Turn Off Your Water Sources 

In the event indoor flooding happens, there are certain steps that you need to perform. Witching off the electricity and main water sources to stop the water flow.

3. Move Your Important Stuff / Belonging.

After turning the electricity and water off, the next thing you should worry about is your belongings. Take a look at whether they have been affected by the flood or not. If it’s the latter, better move them away to ensure their safety. This piece of advice goes for water-sensitive and fragile objects, like documents and electrical appliances.

4. Disposal Of Water Safely 

Once you have determined the safety of your family and belongings, it’s now time to get rid of the water inside your residence. To do this, you will need a lot of pails or containers to scoop up the excess water. Find a spot where you can safely dispose of it. To make this process go faster, you can involve your family and ask for their cooperation in this step.

5. Finding The Problem And Fixation.

Now that the indoor flood has been contained, it’s now time to locate the source of the problem. To ensure that it gets found and fixed, the expertise of a plumber is needed. Call one so you won’t waste precious time and energy on solving something you’re not familiar with.

For more detail or to find the Water flood source and fit it Call our professional plumbing team.