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Common problems of Air Conditioner


Dubai has incredibly different climate to condition. Due to high humidity, very hot summer. In such cases air conditioner is very important for human comport. But air conditioner may need maintenance / repair time to time as like other home appliances or your vehicle.

10     Most Common AC Repairs

1.       Filter Cleaning

A dirty can affect the air quality / quantity and can make it slower across evaporator/cooling coil. Slow air pressure can lower refrigerant temperatures.

2.       Capacitors

A Capacitor if its for compressor, outdoor fan motor or for indoor blower motor, is essentially like battery. Most of the customer compliant about it.

3.       Contractor

A contractor in outdoor unit is like magnetic switch that connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit when it receives a message from the indoor PCB. Sometime it gets break because of power load or compressor load.

4.       Compressor

Outdoor unit compressor is like a heart for the hole AC unit that pumping the refrigerant from the outdoor to the indoor through the capillary. When the refrigerant crosses the capillary, it becomes liquid from the refrigerant form.

5.       Refrigerant Leaks

These can occur at any time and often present themselves prematurely due to improper start-up practices.

6.       Drain clogs

A tray is installed down the Evaporator/cooling coil to cover the humidity water and drain it through the drain pipe. Some time it gets block in result the water will be dripping from the AC.

7.       Outdoor Fan Motor

An outdoor fan motor is installed in outdoor unit to keep the compressor & outdoor condenser cold. If fan motor is not in working condition then compressor will be overheating.

8.       Evaporator Coils

The Evaporator Coils/Cooling Coil is parts that is what traps the water vapor in the air and condenses it. It's made of copper and aluminum. this part will eventually fail because of these two facts. One when it gets block because of the dust, second it becomes rusty because of high humidity.

9.       Condenser Coils

Condenser Coils/outdoor Condenser Coils is the part that convert the refrigerant form the liquid form to the gas form. The condenser coil can fail from the outside dust and refrigerant leak.

10.   Thermostat

The Thermostat is a off/on switch for an air conditioner unit with that the air conditioner can be operate the way you want/to set the temperature/to check the room temperature. 

If you need AC Repair & Maintenance call us we will help you.


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Plumbing Services Dubai | Plumbing Repair | Emergency Plumber in Dubai

Friday, November 29, 2019

Plumbing Services | Plumbing Repair | Emergency Plumber Dubai

Plumbing Services | Plumbing Repair | Emergency Plumber Dubai: Plumbing Services | Plumbing Repair | Emergency Plumber Dubai Jumeirah Park Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Monday, November 25, 2019

24hr Emergency Plumbing Services | Em..., Home care, maintenance in Jumeirah Village Circle

24hr Emergency Plumbing Services | Em..., Home care, maintenance in Jumeirah Village Circle: We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services 7 days a week! If you have a plumbing emergency call us immediately and we will respond. We have built a reputation for quality, reliability and total c...

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Many people don't think that they call plumbers unless the toilet is overflowing or they are forced to take icy showers with a broken water heater, but the truth is that plumbers are properly trained to solve a variety of other household structural problems.

The types of other household problems that plumber fixed are given below

Leakage Repair

The repair of plumbing leaks is one of the main services offered by a plumber. Plumbers are trained to deal with a wide range of leakage and tube problems. Whether you simply need to fix a single leak in your piping system or your home requires a complete re piping, plumbers are trained and equipped to handle everything.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is another service commonly offered by plumbers. Bathrooms and bathtubs are used every day to drain water and various silt from our daily lives. As a consequence, they are often blocked and need to be repaired or cleaned to function properly. A good plumber will have the tools and expertise to remove any rubble or mud that keeps your drain from draining responsibly. 

Toilet Renovation 

Toilets have a variety of common problems, which most plumbers should be able to solve. These include flushing problems, overflow of toilets and filling up.

- Leakage or clogged toilet

If your toilet has a spillage or is blocked, you can try us for the services, because our Dubai plumbing service providers are dedicated and solve your problems quite quickly. Our plumbers in Dubai are the master in stopping toilets, leaving toilet repairs in Dubai, taking care of sewage problems and getting the streaming bathrooms suitable on time. With respect to bathroom repairs, our experienced Dubai plumbers can take care of any problems you face. Our plumbers in Dubai use the best equipment and items to legitimately repair the spillage, obstruct and blockage of toilets, unlike some other specialist companies, which briefly unblock the waste and are unable to deal with the problem at all times.

Broken drain pipes

One of the most plumbing problems you may encounter is a broken drain pipe. Whether the break is under your home in the basement or crawl space, in a wall or ceiling, under a slab floor of a home or business, or outside the underground, it is seldom a simple fixture.

Fixture or Replacement

The plumbing devices are all in your home and, like everything else, they have a lifetime. It's surely no surprise that you've seen a leaky tap at some point in your life, or a shower that just keeps dripping, or a toilet that flows randomly in the middle of the night. The most common question when dealing with a plumbing fixture is whether to attempt a repair or completely replace the fixture.

Installing Shower Drain

It is not a very difficult task to install a shower drain, as long as you do your research before you try to install it. Understanding what type of shower pan you have and drain will help you determine which shower drain to buy. Also, remember that most of the shower drains are designed for a 2 " drain pipe during your research.

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Tips for Air Conditioner/AC Maintenance

A clean air conditioner is more efficient and better for your health. Cleaning is important and essential for every electric machine to make it more energy efficient. Cleaning a portable AC is very easy and you can easily do so.

Tip 01: Unplug and Move

First of all, unplug the AC unit and move it out from a window or wall opening. Place it on the plane surface and open the front cover and casing according to the manufacturing style

Tip 02: Removing Filter

Remove the filter from the grill, wash or replace the filter. Some models of Air Conditioner units have pollen or other allergens fineness on the filter mesh. If you got any trouble with that manufacturer’s instructions will help.

Tip 03: Vacuuming the fins

By using a brush attachment thoroughly and carefully to vacuum the evaporator fins. If you could not understand the way you can learn more on Cool & Cool Ac Repair .

Tip 04: Washing the Condensing Coil

Take out the condenser coil and wash it with clean water. For washing, coil select the place in outdoor, ensure that the holes for drain are open cover the fan and motor wiring with a waterproof bag. Select a water hose to spray down the condenser coil from outside.

Tip 05: Oil the Motor and other Moving Parts

When the AC unit’s parts are completely dry, lubricates the motor with the electric motor oil-poor almost 4-6 drops or every moveable part of the unit. 

Tip 06: Washing of Filter and Drain Tub 

Always remember that cleaning of an AC filter at least once in a month in the cooling season is really essential for a long life of Your unit. Follow the following step for this purpose,

• Wash the metal mesh filter with warm water

• Let the filter dry before installing it.

• Replace the dispose filters with a new one after a regular interval.

• Check the AC drain tube by using a wire by inserting it into the tube.

• Move the wire around the interior of the tube to remove the dust and rust particles.

• Fix the leakage problem by cleaning the drain pan and drain line

Tip 07: Dry the Unit in Sunlight

After completing the above steps fix the AC unit and place it in a clear sunlight range to dry. This will help the AC to save from rusting and production of new allergens in it for a meantime.

At last fix the AC back to its position and enjoy the pure, fresh and dust free cooling. For more information please Visit C&C Home Maintenance.

Why Your Office Need Cleaning Services?

Who wants to work in a dirty environment? Who don’t want to live in a clean house? According to a survey anyone can work better in a clean and dust free atmosphere. Many companies provide cleaning service and you can easily hire any of them to provide daily, weekly or monthly base cleaning service. Today we are sharing few tips about office cleaning and hiring a company for this purpose.

In offices Computers, Photocopy machines and other electronic devices occupy a large work space. These items are used on a large scale having a high number of traffic, thus they have large numbers of germs and dirt. For wiping this type of equipment, a soft fiber cloth should be used.


Cleaning the desk once in a month is really important by removing all items to remove all the dust and dirt. For learning more about cleaning kindly visit the link below Cool & Cool Home Maintenance. Similarly, for the leather chairs its good to wipe them is a week. Remember that the dust and germ may hide in your equipment’s like mouse, keyboard, mouse and other things on your desk.

Why Hiring Cleaning Service is Needed

If you are too busy to get all these things done by yourself you may want to hire an office cleaning service company for cleaning. A good company give you better result and keep the environment of your office clean. A highly developed company used advance tools and techniques for cleaning. Staff is skilled and your place remains clean and germ free by the regular visit of cleaning team. But hiring the best one is a problem.

How to Find the Better One

There are many companies are present in market who provides cleaning services. But choosing a reputable and best company for cleaning purpose is really important. Make sure the cleaners are fully insured and company actually contributes for CPF for cleaners. Because there are many illegal part time cleaners who are offers to work on cheap rates. Always remember that hiring an uninsured and un authorized worker may caught you in trouble. If you don’t want to be in trouble then always hire a registered and highly recommended company.

For here in Dubai, I suggest you to hire C&C Home Maintenance company for Cleaning Purpose because they are providing wonderful services. They have most devolved and skilled professionals for this job. All the workers are registered and authorized. Giving the best is the slogan of this company.

Keep a place clean and dirt free makes you mind cool and fresh. According to surveys, A clean environment generates plenty of good ideas. So always remember that cleanness make you place good and classlessness make you place ugly. Unclean place damage your health. So hire a trustworthy company for cleaning purpose and enjoy you clean and germ free atmosphere.