Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tips for Air Conditioner/AC Maintenance


A clean air conditioner is more efficient and better for your health. Cleaning is important and essential for every electric machine to make it more energy efficient. Cleaning a portable AC is very easy and you can easily do so.

Tip 01: Unplug and Move

First of all, unplug the AC unit and move it out from a window or wall opening. Place it on the plane surface and open the front cover and casing according to the manufacturing style

Tip 02: Removing Filter

Remove the filter from the grill, wash or replace the filter. Some models of Air Conditioner units have pollen or other allergens fineness on the filter mesh. If you got any trouble with that manufacturer’s instructions will help.

Tip 03: Vacuuming the fins

By using a brush attachment thoroughly and carefully to vacuum the evaporator fins. If you could not understand the way you can learn more on Cool & Cool Ac Repair .

Tip 04: Washing the Condensing Coil

Take out the condenser coil and wash it with clean water. For washing, coil select the place in outdoor, ensure that the holes for drain are open cover the fan and motor wiring with a waterproof bag. Select a water hose to spray down the condenser coil from outside.

Tip 05: Oil the Motor and other Moving Parts

When the AC unit’s parts are completely dry, lubricates the motor with the electric motor oil-poor almost 4-6 drops or every moveable part of the unit. 

Tip 06: Washing of Filter and Drain Tub 

Always remember that cleaning of an AC filter at least once in a month in the cooling season is really essential for a long life of Your unit. Follow the following step for this purpose,

• Wash the metal mesh filter with warm water

• Let the filter dry before installing it.

• Replace the dispose filters with a new one after a regular interval.

• Check the AC drain tube by using a wire by inserting it into the tube.

• Move the wire around the interior of the tube to remove the dust and rust particles.

• Fix the leakage problem by cleaning the drain pan and drain line

Tip 07: Dry the Unit in Sunlight

After completing the above steps fix the AC unit and place it in a clear sunlight range to dry. This will help the AC to save from rusting and production of new allergens in it for a meantime.

At last fix the AC back to its position and enjoy the pure, fresh and dust free cooling. For more information please Visit C&C Home Maintenance.


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