Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Common problems of Air Conditioner

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Dubai has incredibly different climate to condition. Due to high humidity, very hot summer. In such cases air conditioner is very important for human comport. But air conditioner may need maintenance / repair time to time as like other home appliances or your vehicle.

10     Most Common AC Repairs

1.       Filter Cleaning

A dirty can affect the air quality / quantity and can make it slower across evaporator/cooling coil. Slow air pressure can lower refrigerant temperatures.

2.       Capacitors

A Capacitor if its for compressor, outdoor fan motor or for indoor blower motor, is essentially like battery. Most of the customer compliant about it.

3.       Contractor

A contractor in outdoor unit is like magnetic switch that connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit when it receives a message from the indoor PCB. Sometime it gets break because of power load or compressor load.

4.       Compressor

Outdoor unit compressor is like a heart for the hole AC unit that pumping the refrigerant from the outdoor to the indoor through the capillary. When the refrigerant crosses the capillary, it becomes liquid from the refrigerant form.

5.       Refrigerant Leaks

These can occur at any time and often present themselves prematurely due to improper start-up practices.

6.       Drain clogs

A tray is installed down the Evaporator/cooling coil to cover the humidity water and drain it through the drain pipe. Some time it gets block in result the water will be dripping from the AC.

7.       Outdoor Fan Motor

An outdoor fan motor is installed in outdoor unit to keep the compressor & outdoor condenser cold. If fan motor is not in working condition then compressor will be overheating.

8.       Evaporator Coils

The Evaporator Coils/Cooling Coil is parts that is what traps the water vapor in the air and condenses it. It's made of copper and aluminum. this part will eventually fail because of these two facts. One when it gets block because of the dust, second it becomes rusty because of high humidity.

9.       Condenser Coils

Condenser Coils/outdoor Condenser Coils is the part that convert the refrigerant form the liquid form to the gas form. The condenser coil can fail from the outside dust and refrigerant leak.

10.   Thermostat

The Thermostat is a off/on switch for an air conditioner unit with that the air conditioner can be operate the way you want/to set the temperature/to check the room temperature. 

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