Saturday, October 1, 2022

Air Conditiner Servicing, Repair If You Are In Dubai

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AC servicing recommendation for our customers are always acute and straight forward. However, many people struggle on the decision making about what to do with their air conditioning system. We hope that the following simple questions and answers will help them think through.

1- Cleaning — How long does you turn on the air conditioning daily? If 8 hours or less, we recommend quarterly servicing; normally home use. If 8 to 12 hours and more than 12 hours, we recommend bi-monthly and monthly servicing; normally commercial and industrial use. If you never had the AC system cleaned for a long time, we recommend you booked a normal servicing with us to have the condition check and advise before we proceed.

2- Common Problem — AC leaking, AC icing or AC not cold? Mostly can recover by thorough cleaning like chemical wash or chemical overhaul, but also could be a repair issue. Please book an AC inspection appointment to further identify the real issue.

3- Repair — Are your air conditioning system still under warranty? If not sure, please contact the AC brand customer service or sales company that sold you the AC system to have them checked. This can prevent you for paying the extra money to get the air con fixed if it is done by none of the above parties.

4- Buying — Do not buy an AC system without installation package. The installation cost can be even higher than the AC system itself. Do not expect AC installation cost to be lower if you buy them separately. There will also be a few warranty issues.

 . The AC brand company may acknowledge the bought date instead of the installation date as the AC warranty start date. Please ensure the acknowledgement of the AC warranty start date from the AC brand company.

. If there is an AC failure, either the AC brand may charge you where there is an installation issue or the AC installation company may charge you on the AC parts issue. As you did not bought the AC system from them, they cannot claim from the AC brand company. This is due to some AC brand company already have their own technician team or servicing agent, so they will not accept the claim from others than their own agent.

. If you are not sure, please contact the AC brand customer service 1st by providing the warranty card or model and serial number.

Please contact us for your AC related issues 

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