Friday, December 9, 2022

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Water is life but water scarcity is among the main problems to be faced by many societies. Some countries are most threatened by severe water shortage. While others like Dubai, UAE may be included in the future in the light of the present scenario. It losses are in different forms like domestic losses, industrial losses, agricultural losses and so on so forth. We need to cope with a proactive approach rather than reactive approach. We must minimize its losses to conserve it for our daily domestic use and for our next generation.

Highlighting domestic losses which include water losses from faucet in the kitchen and bathroom inside homes, villas, apartments and offices arising from any leakage, broken parts, corroded pipes, rusting of spare parts and lack of responsibility to doing frequent plumbing maintenance. Similarly losses from water tap in the backyard garden in homes and villas are also a matter of concern. This situation is really disastrous when water heater failure occurs or gets damaged. Almost 70% of water heater failures are a result of a slow leak or sudden burst, causing significant water losses with an unstoppable pressure inside your bathroom. Besides, water leakage due to breakage of any part of water pump. Generally, it happens due to problem in Pressure Kit, a device installed at the top of water pump to generate enough pressure of water for normal usage. So, what you need to do in all such circumstances as mentioned above. Because it is absolutely irritating especially, when you are with your kids to have some fun around or coming back to home after attending any party/event with your family outside or doing multi-tasking at your offices. What are you waiting for?

Just pick up the phone and make a call to Cool and Cool Home Maintenance LLC, Dubai, UAE. Our Emergency Relief Team (ERT) is waiting for your call to give you a sense of relief in fixing any kind of plumbing related leakage, other plumbing issues like replacement of water pump and pressure kit, replacing broken or damaged water heater with a new one, changing of sink mixer and water tap in your homes, villas, gardens, apartments and offices.

Cool and cool home maintenance LLC is phenomenal in serving the community by giving quick response to their valuable customers in emergency situations across Dubai. We are committed to serve our customers by sorting out their problems in the field of plumbing and fixing them with an effective professionalism. We had achieved greater success in this part of the world with the utilization of our educated, trained, skillful, well-disciplined and tireless team working day and night for the last 8 years. Our company team had proven their performance through improvisation and team hard work, which is highly lauded by our customers.

Some of our remarkable plumbing achievements had also been posted on social media by our customers meeting their expectation in case of fixing emergency issues, like emergency water pump repair, water heater repair and fixing of other plumbing fixtures

 ERT is available at your doorsteps all the time (24/7) at reasonable charges.

Don’t miss it out!


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